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Day Visits

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Day Visits at Surprise Farm Retreat Center
Explore at your own pace with your own creativity

Surprise Farm Retreat Center is a place to connect to nature, to community and to self.       As a newcomer, we invite you to take a self-guided tour.

  When you visit for just a day, you may spend it meditating or walking the labyrinth.

  You may check out the farm plot or indulge in the sensory garden.

  Use your body and senses to explore, let your mind wander.  

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Our Art Hive centers your creativity. The old grain silo is converted to a modern art studio.

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We invite you to visit the "zen den", our office and library. The nature library carries books on plants, birds, rocks and minerals. It provides resources on organic vegetables, herbs and flower gardening. A collection of eco - psychology books explores how nature heals our mind, body and spirit. Let the titles inspire your imagination, browse a book or two, or select one for your reading pleasure, in nature surrounded by birds, of course.

“If we speak about a healthy community, we . . are talking about a neighborhood of humans in place, plus the place itself:  it’s soil, its water, its air, and all the families and tribes of the nonhuman creatures that belong to it." 

- Wendell Berry

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  • 1:00-1:30pm Introductions of participants and the land

  • 1:30-2:15pm Tour of SurpriseFarm and Retreat Center.

  • 2:15-3:00pm Introductions of Self to Nature

  • 3:00-3:45pm Creativity Project

  • (3:45-4pm A module of practice (yoga, mediation, movement, haiku ....) that connects to Nature)

You will be near local wineries & could go wine tasting after......

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