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Surprise Farm Retreat Center offers educational programs in the surround of nature, organic farming, and heritage sites. The experience of being in place, with creative intentional community, encourages well-being.

Our Intentions include learning from each other about meaning and purpose, in workshops and around the fire-pit. We seek a caring and sustainable interaction between human nature and Nature, inviting Nature to heal us.

What We Do

Surprise Farm Retreat Center (SFRC) is an educational organization offering workshops, seminars, and discussion groups on the relationships between nature, culture, community, self, and well-being.

With educators from the Center, and in collaboration with others, we seek to provide meaningful and effective service to individuals and society. Programs (activities, workshops and events) provide experiential education with the following attributes:

  • The physical surround will provide entrance for philosophical ideas and meaning-making regarding our current existence in place.

  • An educational structure will provide service for people of all backgrounds and interests,

    • to explore our place in nature, discuss our backgrounds, relationship and ideas; and

    • to co-create activities, art, rituals and healing in a community of common values and experiences.

  • While offering our workshops, we will keep the idea of sustainable experience design in mind.  We strive to co-create sustainable (environmental, social and economic) experiences that have lasting positive impact on individual and social well-being (Sustainable Community Development).

Board of Directors & Officers

Ute Jamrozy, Ph.D.
Don Eulert, Ph.D.
Board of Directors

Co-Founder of SFRC, Ute Jamrozy holds a Ph.D. in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management, and has over 20 years of academic experience in Sustainable Tourism and Marketing. In San Diego, she added Integrative and Eco Psychology, and organic farming to her fields of interest. With SFRC, she hopes to implement sustainable experience design-- in retreats and workshops that offer lasting transformations to the individual, and positive impacts for human-environment relationships. Ute brings unbridled passion for the mission of the retreat center to our board and all she does. 

For 40 years, Don Eulert served as a Professor at the California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego—where he urged candidates to fit psychology to the history of ideas, and to global and ethical concerns.  Founder of the Center for Integrative Psychology which has afforded Native Americans to become mental health professionals; bringing experts in the field of psychology to present to a community of curious folks; and providing community and mentorship to graduate students pursuing their doctoral degrees. His books of poetry include haiku and translations of Romanian poetry.  His collection Ritual and Healing won a 2014 San Diego Book Award.  Now , as Co-Founder of the Retreat Center, he presents and guides workshops for integration and enactment of Self, with the help of nature.

Butterfly on a Flower
Leana Bulay
Board Member

Leana Bulay, SFRC Programs Committee, graduated from UC Santa Cruz in Environmental Sciences with an emphasis in Conservation Biology. She boasts two decades with non-profits and governmental agencies in environmental conservation and education; most recently Leana is a leader at San Dieguito River Park and works in trail development and nature interpretation and education. “I grew up in the area, and the Retreat grounds hold a special place in my heart.” She helps establish workshop series, nature preserve, and interpretive materials for SFRC.

Guitar Strings
Ken Gill
Board Member

Ken Gill, SFRC Marketing Committee, has a diverse background. Music: 52 years as a professional musician: touring, writing, recording, and teaching. Art: Studied art at Northern Arizona University and Mesa College. VP of Clairemont Art Guild for several years. Art in various local galleries. Created a new art form using sustainable plant materials. Business: Thirty years in business, primarily electronics. Go figure.“I see in the SFRC a chance to bring nature, art, music, farming, and personal growth together in a safe, welcoming, beautiful and sustainable place with a group of dedicated and conscious people.”

Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains
Marina Dorian
Board Member

Marina Dorian, PhD, is a SFRC board member. She is a psychologist, associate professor at Naropa University, and a meditation instructor. Marina has been a meditation practitioner in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn for almost twenty years and facilitates a sangha for mothers.  Her therapy practice focuses on integrating mindfulness into therapy, treatment of mood and anxiety disorders and couple and family therapy.  Marina seeks to make mindfulness practice fun and accessible for all people.  Her interests include yoga, meditation, dance, travel, hiking, literature and film. Her intention is to help people awaken to a sense of awe at Surprise Farm and experience mindfulness and compassion in their everyday lives. 

Leslie Ziegenhorn, Ph.D.
Board Member

For over two decades since completing her doctorate, Leslie Ziegenhorn has explored contemplative and ceremonial practices through study, retreats, and travel, weaving relevant elements into her career as a Clinical Psychologist. Although much of her professional life is devoted to private practice, Leslie holds faculty positions at UCSD School of Medicine and is on the Steering Committee for the Center for Integrative Psychology. For the Surprise Farm Retreat Center she serves as the Director for Community Relations, Partnerships, and Grants. 

Katherine Prosser
Board Member

Katherine Prosser, Community Relations and Marketing Committee at SFRC, holds a degree in Psychology from UCSD and currently specializes in its application within marketing and organizational structures. Katherine has developed and overseen operational structures and marketing strategies for psychology-based start-ups, contributing to their scaling and success. Her keen interest in the therapeutic capacity of nature, both spiritually and psychologically, took root in her early years when she was naturally drawn to nature and experienced its inherent peace, adventure, awakening, wonder, and joy. She aims to raise awareness of SFRC and cultivate community that can experience the psychological and spiritual power inherent in connecting with the land and nature.

Tree Trunk
Thad Camlin, Psy.D.
Board Member

Thaddeus Camlin, SFRC Programs Committee, works as a psychologist specializing in self-empowering treatment for addictive problems.  His clinical training emphasized integrative methodology, which led to his involvement in SFRC.  “Experiential retreats that foster connection to community and environment are an exciting opportunity to participate in.” Thad brings thoughtful, kind contemplation to his work at the retreat center.

Wedding Ritual
Heriberto (Beto) Escamilla Morales, Ph.D.
Board Member

Beto Escamilla, SFRC Programs Committee, conducts Clinical Psychology program development, interviewing, and focus groups. “Originally from Los Ebanos, a small ranch near Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. My grandparents and parents were farmers. I would say that by nature I am a dreamer, frequently getting lost in my imagination. But, I have been blessed with great teachers and a wife who has taught me about faith and helped me appreciate intimacy. I believe that our children are forgetting how to dream and how to plant.  I see the Retreat Center as an opportunity to share some of my experience and to pass along an appreciation for these natural human abilities.”

On the Trail
Nicole M. Karst, Psy.D., LVN
Board Member

Nicole Karst is the president and founder of Hiking Meditations, a clinical psychologist, a nurse, a teacher, a veteran, and a proud tree hugger! Nicole discovered the medicine of the earth early in life while exploring the trails around Minnehaha Falls in Minnesota. Nicole flung herself out of the nest by becoming a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman after high school where she slept under the stars, flew through clouds, and crawled across the earth.  She discovered that there is no such thing as separation between mind, body, biosphere, and community. When we pull these elements apart, we pull ourselves apart. Nicole joined the Surprise Farm Retreat Center to provide a space where our community can connect to the medicine of nature, and learn how to protect it.

Greg Shibley
Board Member

Bio coming soon


Green Leaves
Connor Florand
Board Member

Connor Florand, SFRC Programming Committee, is an organizational psychology practitioner with a focus on talent development, employee engagement, people analytics and organizational performance. Connor has created and facilitated multiple leadership development programs designed to accelerate and enhance learning experiences, career growth opportunities and organizational effectiveness. Connor’s passion for learning started early in his career as a student teacher at a low-income school in southern Minnesota. He taught Physical and Health Education to students from Pre-K to High School and helped coach the High School Swimming and Diving team. At SFRC, he aims to enrich the learning experiences of our communities in understanding the transformative power of connecting with nature.

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