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Join the Surprise Farm Retreat Center Community. Surprise Farm is an organic farm and nursery.  The land’s unique characteristics include Native American heritage, a stagecoach-stop, historic gem mine, and an abundance of places with natural charm.


On these grounds the Surprise Farm Retreat Center provides nature surround for educational and regenerative programs.  We would like you to be involved in effecting a positive ecology.


Surprise Farm Retreat Center is seeking Volunteers!

Volunteers contribute their ideas (and site shovel-work) to co-create intentional community.

Volunteers can also participate in:

  • Newsletter & Social Network

  • Workshops at a reduced rate

  • Glamping with full use facilities at reduced rate

  • Roaming the grounds for a time-out breather, or picnic with family (advanced notice appreciated)

  • Taking home some fresh veggies from the garden



Our Mission Statement crafted for our non-profit status:


Surprise Farm Retreat Center offers educational programs in the surround of nature, organic farming, and heritage sites.  The experience of being in place, with creative intentional community, encourages well-being.  Our Mission includes learning from each other about meaning and purpose, in workshops and around the firepit.  We seek a caring and sustainable interaction between human nature and Nature, inviting Nature to heal us.


Every Thursday, 9am - 1pm, stop by anytime as we work on our current ongoing projects:

💠The Labyrinth (click link for more details)


🪴Sensory Garden (more info soon)

🐥Chicken Resort (more info soon)

We invite you to add some of your stored energy to this community-supported Center for personal, social, and cultural well-being.

Interested in Volunteering?
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