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Glamping and Tenting

No matter your comfort level for spending time outdoors, we'd like for you to explore Surprise Farm Retreat Center after workshop hours, for sunrise yoga or independent stargazing. We offer overnight accommodation for workshops, volunteering and exploring. Tents will be available to workshop attendees based on first come, first served bookings. We can accommodate our workshops (16-20 people) and refer overflow to other properties in the area. Please, send a request.  

*By making your reservation, you acknowledge reading and being familiar with Surprise Farm Retreat Center's Covid-19 Disclaimer.

Glamping tents (that's for "glamor camping"): Tents include queenside beds, linens, storage bench and nightstand: Zen style on a secluded deck down Old Stagecoach Trail.... We've got two of them and one deluxe Kodiak glamping tent: book early if "zen glamping" is your style!

Book for $100.00/ tent 

Workshop/Member Rate $80.00/tent.

We offer Deluxe Kodiak tents, (10x10; 10x14) in which you can stand, move around, and breathe, while getting a good night sleep on supplied cots. You bring your own sleeping bag or linens, we supply the shaded spot under the stars. Share the tent during workshops. Book for $70  Workshop /Member Rate $60.00

Glamping in style
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