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Exploring archetypal patterns of our shared humanity

Bridging the diverse ways we live and make meaning  


Come join the Ceremonial Attention of the S/Heroic Journey
July 29th 3:30-8:30 PM

Participation limited to 15, register early!

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Guided by Don Eulert, Ph.D.
Co-Founder of Surprise Farm Retreat Center

Don Eulert, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus California School of Professional Psychology Don is the author of Ritual & Healing: Stories of Ordinary and Extraordinary Transformation. For 40 years Don Eulert, Ph.D., taught and practiced integrative psychology as Professor at the California School of Professional Psychology.  With an M.A. in Creative Writing from Fort Hays State University, and a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of New Mexico, Don Eulert studied post-graduate at the CG Jung Institute, Zurich. During the S/heroic Journey, Don proposes intentional meaning-making in a group.  He brings experience in providing a container and pathway for the work of Self awareness. Steeped in Western myth from growing up on a Kansas ranch, Don experienced a rural community’s year-round participation in celebrations and seasonal ceremonies. Spring calving to HarvestFest to church confirmations. He went on to study archetypal psychology at the C.G. Jung Institut, Zurich, and to participate in Romanian folk festivals and Masai ceremony.    "In my roaming, I was always looking for Place.  Found place in San Diego back country in 1973. First night, bed-rolled in the big fireplace of a miner’s shack beside a running creek.  The land was an Ipai kitchen site, turned out.  Daily reminders of heritage and seasonal cycles--  we transitory walk on sacred ground.  Sharing the beauty that surrounds us, in ceremonies here over the years,  we hope to connect community to old and new ways . . . to renew and practice . . . to ground and to take responsibility."

A sustainable suggested donation to the non-profit Center would be $120

but choose your own viability and valuation, students in particular.

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