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Welcome to the Surprise Farm Retreat Center. When you come through the open green gate, take a left down the hill to a flat parking area.  Here was the Luckett Stage Coach stop, with walking trails to heritage sites, native plants, orchard and farm. To your left, along Old Wagon Trail, three glamping sites. For overnight workshops, we'll supply roomy canvas tents.

The old Stone Hut used to be a wine cellar, now serves as a modern equipment room with refrigerator, smaller appliances, dishes and utensils. The covered kitchen extends outdoors with grill, sinks, and serving tables. Accommodations for a group’s cook-out, or for a couple to make breakfast after a camp-over.   Hot showers are the latest upgrade to our beautiful restroom facilities in the central retreat area,

A platform with 360 degrees of nature surrounds, serves as a stunning deck for yoga,  meditation, movement and performing arts. Adjacent is the old grain silo, refurbished as an art hive. 

"The beauty of this place made the stress melt away and offered me a chance to reconnect with myself. I enjoyed meditating under the oak canopy and seeing the fruit growing on the trees. What a magical spot!"

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