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Workshop: Check back for future date

 "Findings of recent studies imply that both musical creativity and outdoor experiences improve well-being. While outdoor education experiences increase nature connectedness, songwriting also increases creative reasoning."


In this SFRC workshop, a small class of participants gather in nature to construct a song, expressing their inner desires, issues, or emotions coming to light. The songs can be comic or serious, 1stperson statement or a made up story, etc. 

 Some participants may want to perform their finished product. This will be encouraged, and a stage area can be arranged on site.




This workshop will give song writers, whether experienced or beginners, valuable tools to help turn their song ideas into finished works.

The workshop will cover;

  • Topics- what to write about?

  • What is the purpose of the song?

  • Style/ approach

  • Construction\ Arrangement 

  • Devices when constructing lyrics

  • Things to avoid or to be careful with

  • How to make your songs accessible to an audience

  • The above topics will be covered during the ‘classroom’ section of the workshop

  • Then attendees will break off to work on their own material.

  • Both Bill and Ken will circulate during the workshop to offer practical advice, tips, techniques, encouragement and ideas to help the songwriters get past blockages, or come up with new ideas to bring their songs to life.

  • Song writers should bring the instrument they compose on with them. If you are a songwriter who does not play an instrument, either Bill or Ken can assist you by crafting music for your lyrics.

  • At the end of the workshop, any songwriters who wish to share their compositions will be able to perform their songs for the group.



RSVP with a limit of 5-10 participants.  

A sustainable donation would be $80.00,

but choose your own viability and valuation. 

Camping available.




Ken Gill

Ken, who learned guitar from his mother (who was a professional singer and recording artist), has been a working musician and song writer for over 50 years. Ken’s original songs cover every genre: Blues, rock, jazz, soul, country, western, calypso, hip hop, classical, etc. Ken is currently playing out in 5 bands in the San Diego area, which includes doing studio work and performing with his all-original band ‘Blazing Jane’.

Ken’s mastery of various musical styles and fertile imagination enables him to pass along valuable tools and techniques to aspiring song writers.

Bill Hartwell

Bill began his musical odyssey as many others; singing in the church choir and playing in the band in his school years.  He picked up the guitar in his teens, and, because he had trouble learning other people’s songs, he began writing his own.  He has now been writing songs for over 40 years and has 5 CD’s of original songs recorded and available worldwide.  He is also a performing musician, both as a solo artist and as a member of a 5 piece band playing in Southern California.

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