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Black Sky
Black Sky

      Memorial Day, May 30    
      Dinner & Meteor Watch 

Now, we're not quite sure, if what is "possible" "may happen". But, even if the meteors won't show up, we will..... join us for an evening under the stars: Wine Reception, sunset, Farm to Table Dinner, good company, and a beautiful serenade for the upcoming summer.... 

Intense meteor display possible from comet SW3

In 1930, astronomers spotted comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 (SW3 to its friends) and a possible meteor shower was predicted as Earth passed close to its debris field. Little activity has been detected since then. But in 1995, comet SW3 had a tremendous breakup, splitting into multiple pieces that spewed a lot of dust. Our planet has a nice chance of hitting its field this year, although some astronomers’ calculations suggest it may not happen. The moon will be new on the night of May 30, meaning conditions should be great for meteor viewing. The event will be most visible in parts of North and Central America, with optimal spots ranging from Southern California and Mexico to Texas.

The meteor shower is the Tau Herculids.....

For more info:


About the evening and night:

Plan for a relaxed 6:00/6:30pm Arrival at the Surprise Farm Retreat Center for a meet and greet and wine reception, followed by a 7:50pm sunset viewing.  Around 8:00pm, we will enjoy a locally catered dinner and slowly move to our meteor shower viewing spot.  At 10:00pm, we’ll gather near the performance deck to watch Tau Herculids.....

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Approximate Evening & Night schedule:

6:30pm Arrival & Wine Reception

7:50pm Sunset

8:00pm Dinner

10:04pm - 10:26  22minute show of Meteor Shower

after: relax for a night of Star-Gazing or gather at the fire-pit

At New Moon conditions, it will be a beautiful night for sky-gazing. Book one of our tents for sleeping close to the stars. 

PRICE: $70/ person


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