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Sense of Surprise

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An Afternoon Journey at
Surprise Farm Retreat Center 

SUN | 1PM | Date TBA

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A Break from the Everyday World


Awareness & Participation

This free experiential journey, limited to 20 peopleprovides a sensory engagement with the natural and unique elements that Surprise Farm Retreat Center offers.  


A tour of the land focuses on its geography and heritage, from indigenous roots to current organic farming. We will gain a sense of place by using more than our five senses:  We'll listen to the birds and the trees; we taste what is growing on the farm; we smell sages and buckwheat; and feel the ground with bare feet. We watch how colors change in the afternoon light; we sense the changing temperature on our skin. 

We explore and experience place in a private time-out-of-time. We'll return to the circle to share our transformations and the various ways that nature heals. 

Surprise Farm Retreat Center offers a place in nature to renew and reconnect. With experiential education, workshops, camping, and hands-on farming, we seek to co-create an environment and community in support of a caring and sustainable world. Engaged with our place in history, relating to the non-human, we can re-wild our creativity.

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“If we speak about a healthy community, we . . are talking about a neighborhood of humans in place, plus the place itself:  it’s soil, its water, its air, and all the families and tribes of the nonhuman creatures that belong to it." 

- Wendell Berry

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  • 1:00-1:30pm Introductions of participants and the land

  • 1:30-2:15pm Tour of SurpriseFarm and Retreat Center.

  • 2:15-3:00pm Introductions of Self to Nature

  • 3:00-3:45pm Creativity Project

  • (3:45-4:30pm A module of practice (yoga, mediation, movement, haiku ....) that connects to Nature)

Stay for Fire-Pit if you wish......

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