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Faces of the SELF
A Mask Making and Self-Expression Workshop, May 20, 2023: 1pm-9pm


The Mask  is as old as humankind, and looks back at all the faces in the world. Our ancestors from every culture have used masks in rituals involving births, deaths, hunting, and spiritual affairs.

At Daytime, participants will craft a face/mask from natural material, paint, and adorn—   and then speak through it at a community firepit circle. As a mirror, or as opportunity for the Other to show up, expect a surprising new perspective.  The activities will be grounded in discussions of cultural and psychological research.

Mask Making- the Process

In the Masking making workshop, Ken Gill, creator of Glyph Masks, will lead you through the process of making your own mask from the husk of the queen palm.

  • Choosing and prepping a husk

  • Shaping the husk (if necessary)

  • Visualizing the design; bringing out the face hidden in the husk.

  • Roughing in the basic features

  • Understanding and using the tools and mediums which give the best results

  • Building eyes, noses, mouths

  • Backing the husk for durability, attaching hanging loop (if appropriate).

  • Applying protective mediums to insure the mask will retain its colors and features.


All supplies are provided, but if there are any objects you would like to use on your mask, feel free to bring them along.


"The persona that we wear everyday masks the true self" (CG Jung).

During the workshop, we will explore and play with "persona"


“Express Your Inner Face

and Make Art that Looks Back”


Ken Gill is a local artist from San Diego. He has given art demos for several San Diego Art Guilds and associations. Ken works in oil, acrylic, charcoal and mixed media.   Glyph Masks was born in 2014 and has taken Ken into a new area where painting, sculpture and Nature meet.

The workshop, including materials and a light dinner is valued at $100. Register with what is in your budget.

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