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Community Gatherings

Summer times at Surprise Farm Retreat Center: We are inviting you to join us in our monthly Thursday Community Gatherings. All community gatherings are designed to follow our mission to create a sense of place, to connect to nature and develop creativity and community. Once a month, on Thursdays, we invite interested, likeminded people from our surrounding community(ies) to join us for our Thursday evening explorations. For each of the Thursday meetings, we offer co-leadership and anticipate various levels of experience and co-creation among our participants. Each group meets once a month, regular participation develops each Thursday community but is not a requirement. We will meet from 5:30pm to approximately 7:30pm, concluding sunset viewing. Meetings are free for Surprise Farm Retreat Center members and nominal donations are always accepted. 


The First Thursday of every month, Don Eulert will be hosting a Creative Writing gathering. As an experienced writer, poet, and haiku practitioner, Don merges his passion for farming, nature and literary endeavors and will co-lead our "Creative Writing" group. Don offers guidance and prompts, developing our inner writer self. We share and reap the benefits of writing in nature, "paying attention" to the details, changes and sensualities of our surroundings. We learn during our meetings and practice until the next meeting, experiencing how writing in nature connects us and develops our creativity.


The Second Thursday of every month, Ute Jamrozy will be hosting our Ecology, Lifestyle and Wellbeing gathering. With background and interest in Parks, Recreation and Eco Tourism Management, Ute is exploring the impact our nature connection has on our quality of life. Including "nature" in our every-day lifestyle may enhance our perception of well being, and our desire to live in creative community of like-minded people. Ute and co-leaders will present ideas of ecopsychology and engage in various "nature practices", suggesting how to integrate these practices into our daily lives. 

The Third Thursday of every month, Peter Riordan will be co-hosting our Farming and Community Networking gatherings. Peter is our Farm Relations specialist at Surprise Farm Retreat Center and invites local farmers, vintners, farm tourism developers, and other community minded people to join us in sharing ideas and initiatives in community creation. Peter and community co-leaders explore current activities in our surroundings, connects like-minded people and initiates collaboration in sustainable and regenerative community development.

The Fourth Thursday of every month, Sue Oliver will be hosting our Mindfulness and Yoga gathering. These Thursday gatherings are designed to engage participants in mindfulness meditation and yoga practices, enhanced by the experience of being in nature. Sue and co-leaders will guide the practices and explore theoretical and philosophical foundations of these nature and body/mind connections.


Finally, the Fourth Sunday of every month, Surprise Farm Retreat Center will be hosting a Community Potluck. Bring your open creative mind, your guitar, or a poem, share an idea and a meal during this open mic, open mind gathering. Co-create this no-leadership social community gathering.




November 14

Gain a "Sense of Surprise" when we wander Nature's trails & learn how your perception shifts






November 28

Thanksgiving Break Practice your Gratitude and Mindfulness 







November 7

Join us for a game of word poker and discover power words that enrich your style and expression. 

November 21

Networking among local farmers; what is new in organic farming, vino, agri, and permaculture, farm tourism ... etc.

November 24?

Stay tuned for info

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