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open up new perceptual possibilities

Crystal Salt



Saturday May 11th, 1 - 8pm or until the fire goes out!

Participation limited to 15, register early!

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Guided by Ken Gill
Board Member of Surprise Farm Retreat Center

Ken Gill is a lifelong student in the fields of perception, in disciplines from all points on the globe. Ken has studied many styles of martial arts, yoga, Native American traditions, eastern spiritual practices, psychedelic shamanism, energy work, music and art, from many teachers and much personal experience over the course of his life.

Some of his work evolves from the shamanic and sorcery traditions from Mesoamerica, some of which can be seen in such sources as the works of Hyemeyohsts Storm, Carlos Castaneda, Bob Makransky, with smattering of eastern traditions from the Indian subcontinent.


The Experience

• This workshop will be focusing on turning down and eventually eliminating the internal dialogue, (the goal being to turn it off at will), thereby opening up new possibilities in our perception of the world and our role in creating it.



1:00 pm

Meeting and Introduction

Discussion and exercises/techniques to quiet the internal dialogue

 3:45 pm


4:15 pm

Exercises to welcome energy body and free up trapped energy to make it available for perception

Strengthen the inner eye’s vision, setting up dreaming

6:15 pm

Sunset and dinner

Light farm-fresh dinner provided. Potluck and your own dietary dish are welcome. 

After Dinner: Firepit recap, music and stories



Wear sturdy shoes and bring warm clothes for after sunset.

If you have a yoga mat or something similar, feel free to bring it.

See how Ken describes what Quiet the Internal Dialogue is about

A sustainable suggested donation to the non-profit Center would be $90.00

but choose your own viability and valuation, students in particular.

Facilities and Details

This journey will be held outdoors in the beautiful natural setting at the Surprise Farm Retreat Center.


Amenities include bathrooms and kitchen, shaded areas in case of too much sun.

Note: Option to stay overnight, if desired. Overnight glamping yurt tents with queen beds are available, or bring your own sleeping bag for a comfortable cot in Kodiak stand-up tent. Booked separately.

"At some level, everything is energy. The raw material of creation, and the realities we build for ourselves from it."
-Ken Gill

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