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Ceremonial Attentions


Workshop with Overnight Stay encouraged
for Sunrise Ritual & Breakfast

PAYING ATTENTION: Giving Gratitudes

This experiential  workshop,  limited to 16, explores how ritual attentions enhance the health of self and community.  

This APRIL 8th workshop seeks to translate indigenous worldview into present awareness, through story-telling and experience in nature.  Yolanda Ramirez Escamilla and Heriberto Escamilla, PhD in Clinical Psychology, will guide the workshop. 

Yolanda and Beto regard ritual as re-orientation. “Our indigenous grandparents were oriented to the elements. The Sun is the living being in the sky. The earth is our Mother.   The intersection of earth and sun creates the four Directions of sun, air, water and earth. These were our reference points, the beings (poderes in Spanish, powers in English).  The poderes, (powers) were our guides. They still move our world, but we have shifted reference points to money, work, filling time-- new reference points. We are in need of re-orientation, re-grounding.”

Beto was always a master storyteller.  Now add the Warrarika creation story, how to “ask permission,” and how to ceremony Grandfather Fire, along with other elements of life.    

In terms of Workshop objectives, it’s about helping us look at our current reference points, and-- with a glimpse of the elemental map-- see where we need to go.



1:00-9:00pm, Includes light dinner.  

I. Opening in the Kiva, mother earth

II. Sharing our story (establishing reference points)

III. Understanding the elemental map (four directions; the four elements)

IV. Where do I need to go, how do I move, how do I get there?

V. Evening around the Fire (listening to the Guide)

Optional: Sunday Morning

Sunrise Ritual & Breakfast


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